Workshop – Alternative Processes: Cyanotypes/Chemigrams/ Photograms

August – September

£60 – £100

Sayako Sugawara is a London-based Japanese artist working with photography, moving image and installation, who is teaching some of our Alternative Processes workshops. The tactile aspect of the working process is essential in her practice and the focus of her teaching, she will be delivering workshops on Cyanotype, Chemigram, Photogram and Pinhole Photography. As a freelance educational artist Sayako has worked with Camden Arts Centre, Photofusion and Cricklewood Library and facilitated enrichment programmes in various secondary schools in London.

These workshops (half-day or evening) will appeal to those who might only have taken photographs with their phone or a digital camera as well as the more experienced analogue photographer who is looking to explore new techniques.

Classic Photographs

Monday 21st September until Thursday 1st October 

Sotheby’s Fall auction in New York features iconic photographs by artists synonymous with the medium. Please contact the Photographs Department for more information about lots in the sale or bidding assistance.

© 2019 New York Photography Diary. All rights reserved. Background image: Ea Vasko Reflections of the Ever-Changing #32, 2010, digital c-print, diasec (matte); Video image: image by Instaberlinerin, artwork by Cecile Wesolowski, pictured Denia Kazakou/ Redd Gallery; Festival image by Vanessa Bouziges