The New York Photography Diary is a non-profit organization and was started following the success of the London Photography Diary, which was launched in 2014. This site was set up to provide easy access to all of New York’s photography exhibitions and events, by both established and emerging photographers. We are pleased that the sites now have a combined readership of 90,000 unique readers a year. 


Ashley Lumb – Publisher

Chloe Pothecary – Editor

Chara Andrews – Editor


© 2020 New York Photography Diary. All rights reserved. Background image: Ea Vasko Reflections of the Ever-Changing #32, 2010, digital c-print, diasec (matte); Video image: image by Instaberlinerin, artwork by Cecile Wesolowski, pictured Denia Kazakou/ Redd Gallery; Festival image by Vanessa Bouziges